If you’re thinking of heading for a debauched night or full weekend in Dublin, with a bevvy of beautiful women dancing and stripping for you, there are some golden rules to live by for your visit.

Use your eyes not your hands

There’s a strict no touching rule, but trust us, it can really add a sexy edge. When our stunning girls lap dance for you, they will whip you into a frenzy without the need for any hands-on contact. Gaze for as long as you dare at your favourite exotic dancer, but keep your hands to yourself.

Keep your phone in your pocket

Everything that happens in the gentlemen’s club, stays in the gentlemen’s club. It’s standard practice that no recording or photos are allowed at any time. Soak up the sexy show in the flesh as it’s for your eyes only…

Bring cash to make the most of your visit

The easiest way to pay for drinks, tip and pay for private dances is to do it with cold hard cash. Nothing takes away from the heat of the moment than having to dig out your wallet and ask for a card machine. Keep the night flowing with easy-to-reach cash, especially when tipping or paying for a private dance. You’ll be able to without taking your eyes off any of the action.

The Barclay Club

The Barclay Club is the most premier gentlemen’s club Dublin has to offer.

Located in an affluent area that’s easy to get to, our club invites you to enjoy an evening of opulent frivolity and dancing. Whether you’re looking for a night of personal attention or you’re searching for Dublin stag do ideas, make the Barclay Club your priority. You won’t regret it. Our club is upmarket and relaxing and all of our dancers are hand-selected for their stunning looks and amazing dancing talent. We don’t charge an entrance fee so you’ll have more cash to splash on flirty fun. If you want to find out more or book your night, contact us today.